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Michael Dillon

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......my Last Masterpiece
Michael Dillon

a piece to make my mother smile
if there's to be no more ,
a masterpiece then, worthy of
the refrigerator door,
crayola alla prima
a family portrait piece ,
figures done Picasso style
colored like Matisse,
purple grass a pink brick house
an orange plane in the sky ,
a spotted dog a big gray cat, on the
sidewalk passing by ,
cursive e's of chimney smoke rise through a flock of v's,
against the radiating lines of a yellow sun,
or " cheese ",
a work to match as best I could
the art I made back when ,
my palette was a cigar box
of crayons
to dig in ,
not so big maybe eight by ten
construction paper size ,
that seemed to be the golden mean
to catch my mothers eyes ,
she'd place it when I'd finished
with a magnet held in place ,
among the notes and recipes
somewhere she'd find a space ,
a special place of honor
like she'd always done before ,
when she once displayed each masterpiece
on her refrigerator door....

In loving memory of my biggest fan, most forgiving critic most wonderful Mother
Billie Ruth Dillon September 10,1924 February 10,2015


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